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American Way Those Above And Below #1
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Legacy Vol 1

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Item Code: 610721120187001
Manufacturer: Antartic Press
Stock: In Stock.
Category: eBay TPB
Format: COLOR | 144 PG. | SOFTCOVER

Product Description

Earth’s gravest hour had come. The dark forces of the Wrath, led by the incalculably evil and powerful Archessence, threatened to consume humanity forever. Banding together, Earth’s most powerful warriors stopped the rampaging malignancy, but The Wrath’s power was too great to be destroyed. Unable to defeat their foes permanently, Earth’s heroes magically bequeathed their powers, sacrificing their lives in the process, so that future generations would always be ready to fight the Wrath. Now twins Joe and Vicky Dumar, aided by 8-year-old high-school genius Shiva, have manifested the Legacy and are struggling to accept the reality of their dual inheritance - the Legacy of their powers and their war against the Wrath.

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Legacy Vol 1