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Avengers Mission Figure Captain America Aerial Infiltration

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Item Code: 653569704317
Manufacturer: Hasbro, Inc.
Stock: In Stock.
Category: Avengers Action Figures & Toys

Product Description

Drifting silently through the night sky, CAPTAIN AMERICA descends. His target: the unsuspecting troops of the latest villain foolish enough to take on the AVENGERSô. With his enhanced strength and speed, and fighting skills honed over years of combat, heíll have no problem taking down the bad guys.

Itís time for another death-defying mission with your CAPTAIN AMERICA Aerial Infiltration Mission figure! Your CAPTAIN AMERICA figure has the signature shield of the amazing hero. But for this mission, he also has a real working parachute that you can use to drop him into "hostile" territory! Get your CAPTAIN AMERICA figure ready to "take to the air" for his next mission!

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Avengers Mission Figure Captain America Aerial Infiltration