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 Oninagi Vol 2

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Item Code: 978031608114651
Manufacturer: Yen Press
Stock: In Stock.
Category: Manga- M through R title, various
Writer: Akira Ishida
Artist: Akira Ishida
Format: b&w | softcover |176 pg
Release Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Product Description

Nanami, your average schoolgirl, is quickly finding out that she is far from average. She has demonic powers, three servant protectors, two divine enforcers, and she attracts other demons! Although, Tomotaka, one of her divine enforcers, keeps a close eye on her while slaying demons, two of her servant protectors die, and she finds herself caught, along with her protectors in a trap set by a group of mysterious demons bent on taking her demonic powers by force. Can she escape their clutches?

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Oninagi Vol 2